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Bobby Lytes Net Worth 2023

 Mona Scott added a large workload by working on another love and hip hop spin off. Miami has worked for years and according to Star Trina at this time, the show could not happen without it. Mona, the show producer has begun filming three years ago. But there isn't enough real stars who are willing to enter and the players then have a little of the storyline.

Trina and the last year's trick was asked again and it was yes from Miami Natives. And once filming began this summer, this new VH1 would be another hit.Thanks to Trina, Bobby Lytes added to the casts. The open gay rapper is a cousin of Trina on the side of his father. In a recent interview singer "Baddest Bitch" described it as above but hardworking. In the series it was up to him to show a small cousin of the rope and taught him how to keep him personal life in his career.According to sources, Lytes paid $ 10,000 per episode. He will also get a large $ 30K to film a special reunion in March.

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