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Jennie Pegouskie Net Worth 2023

 Jennie Pegouskie is an American professional dancer, model, and player. He came to the media spotlight after he appeared in the music video for the popular song Ed Sheeran titled from you. The video became a hit on the internet quickly, and Peggouskie was famous. With its popularity, Jennie collected more than 59K Instagram followers. 

If you stay here, you will find a lot of information about Jennie's personal life, career, and income.  

Early Life

Jennie Pegouskie was born in the United States on August 14, 1988. He held American citizenship, and he had ethnic mixed Asian, Caucasian, and Black. During his childhood, he had moved a lot with his family. After that, they finally sat in Seattle. His mother came from Thailand, and information about his father was not revealed. Details about their brothers are unknown. 

Jennie completed Woodbrook Middle School in Lakewood Washington, and after that, he continued his education at the University of Washington. He got a degree in communication and marketing. Since childhood, Jennie has a desire for stage shows and dancing. 

Professional Career

Even though he has an interest in dancing, Peggouskie works in the marketing department for real estate companies. He has vacancies in various companies in Seattle from 2011 to 2016. However, so far, he continued to dance and become a model. 

Jennie became part of the Macklemore duo dance crew and Ryan Lewis. With them, he toured and visited various countries. Also, they appeared on many TV shows, including Ellen Degeneres. In 2015, he appeared in Macklemore's video named Downtown. 

The most relevant project for his career is in your sheeran video form. Initially, he got a job as a production assistant, but Ed Sheeran and the director saw him and decided that he was perfect for this role. This is the right decision, because the video becomes a hit. 

After that, he made collaboration with Nike in a campaign made to play. 

At present, Jennie has a production company along with her husband. At the same time, he worked as a marketing manager for the company in Seattle. 

Jennie Pegouskie Net Worth 2020

The young and promising star is at the beginning of a career. However, he got a lot of money. Jennie's net worth of pegouskie in 2020 is estimated to be $ 1 million.

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