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Olexesh net worth 2023



€ 1 million




February 25, 1988

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Short introduction

Olexesch is a German rapper of Ukrainian and Belarusian beginning from Darmstadt. He works under an agreement with the Frankfurt name 385idéal. Olexesh, situated in Darmstadt, began the collection outlines.

His presentation collection was delivered in March 2014 and just two years after the fact his clasp "Magisch accomplishment. Edin "with more than 60 million perspectives casted a ballot the most well known music video on the German YouTube diagrams. What's more, this regardless of the way that the road rapper, which is known in different cases for its muddled subjects, is converged with apparently unusual popular music. He showed his ability to explore when he distributed the tune "Wir 2 immer 1" with the pop artist Vanessa May. After four collections that made it into the best ten, the Ukrainian rapper turned into a necessary piece of the German rap scene.

 Early life

Olexesh went through his initial six years in Kiev. His dad is Belarusian, his mom is Ukrainian. His dad moved to the United States when Alex was two years of age. At six years old, Olexesh moved to Germany with his mom. At first he lived in the Kelkheim region, later he went to the city of Darmstadt, where he spent his childhood – generally. During his apprenticeship in an exceptional school, the longing for rap emerged. 


The Frankfurt rap team Celo and Abdi, particularly rapper Celo, caught wind of Olexesh and marked it with 385ideal, and delivered the primary Authentic Athletic Mixtape on December 2, 2012. Olexesh delivered his absolute first "Nu estimated time of arrival da" studio collection with Fard, Eko Fresh, Gzuz, Karate Andi and Celo and Abdi on March seventh, 2014. On September 25th, 2015 the second collection Street Cocktail will be delivered as a mixtape. Notwithstanding his typical style, Olexesh added a touch of G-Funk to this delivery. The third studio collection "Makadam" was delivered on October 21, 2016. Musically, Olexesh is an extreme road rapper. His style is forceful and uneven. The subjects of his tunes are road life, neediness, wrongdoing, drug use, betting and prostitution. Motivated by West Coast Hip Hop, G-Funk and French rap. Olekesh brought the expectation of a superior life to Germany with his mom from Ukraine more than 20 years prior. Today, Alexei Kosarev, situated in Darmstadt, is one of the best rappers in the country. With his Nu Eta Da debut, he entered the main ten of the collection graphs in 2014, completed fifth with two records in the beyond couple of years and played two full-house visits in Germany, while the stage media honored the Razor Flow . Olexesh, who experienced childhood in Kranichstein, was tensely anticipating the arrival of his third collection: Macadam. The record is committed to his mom and the Darmstadt locale, which is portrayed by multi-story private edifices – and is probably going to be perhaps the main German hip-jump album of the earlier years.  

Career highlights

Olexesh delivered his first studio collection, Nu estimated time of arrival da, on March 7, 2014, with commitments from visitors, for example, Fard, Gzuz, Eko Fresh, Karate Andi and mark manager Celo and Abdi. The Purple Haze track specifically turned into a hit. His second studio collection, Masta, was delivered on March 27, 2015. Rappers like Veysel, Sido, Blvck Beatz, Hanybal, Celo and Abdi are highlighted on his collections. On September 25, 2015, he delivered his second collection Street Cocktail as a mixtape. Notwithstanding the rap style, which can be portrayed as exemplary, he likewise presents tracks in G-Funk style on this mixtape. Makadam's third studio collection was delivered on October 21, 2016. As a component of this, the singles Weyauu and Born in the huge city were delivered. Notwithstanding his labelmates, Xatar, capture warrant and Gzuz can be seen on the collection. Frankfurt rapper Celo from Rapduo Celo and Abdi found out with regards to Olexesh. Subsequent to marking with her 385 name, he completed his first Mixtape Authentic Athletic, which was delivered on December 2, 2012 for nothing download on the Internet. It has right around 30 tracks that he records on hip-bounce instrumental beats from the West Coast. Some time later, Olexesh became known to a wide crowd in the wake of working with a capture warrant and Mosh36 on his BZ mixtape for the rapper's square platinum collection. The approach of online TV in German rap design has likewise added to more than 200,000 downloads of the Mixtapes Authentic Athletic. He was additionally permitted to go with Celo and Abdi on their terrace language visit. His collection Rolexesh was delivered on March 2, 2018 and came out ahead of the pack in the German collection diagrams. On July 6, 2018, the rapper delivered a tune with pop artist Vanessa May. The name "Wir 2 immer 1" first broke the line between the diverse music sorts. Musically Olexesh presents a hard road rap. His rap style is forcefully unstable. The topics of his tunes are road life in Kranichstein-Darmstadt, wrongdoing, neediness, betting dependence, drug use and prostitution. Notwithstanding the west coast, hip bounce and the related G-Funk are a second wellspring of motivation for French rap.

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