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T.I. Net Worth 2023

 T.I is a famous Rapper and American actor. He began his career for a long time, while he was a teenager. In his music career, he had spent more than a hundred singles and nine studio albums. In addition, he has also done a soundtrack album, thirteen mixtapes, 5 EPS and one promotional album. He also has experience in acting and has a big role on TV shows and films. If you want to learn more about T.I's life. And income and clean wealth, continue to read the text below. 


He might be known as the nickname or stage T.I. But his full name is Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. He was born on September 25 in 1980 in Atlanta, Georgia. His parents were Violeta Morgan and Clifford "Buddy" Harris Sr. The environment raised is the center Hill in Atlanta. He attended Douglass Middle School but ended up breaking up.

He married his long-term girlfriend of "Tiny" in 2010. They married for 6 years until his wife, Tameka asked for a divorce in 2016. He had three children with him. Besides his children with Tameka, he also had a daughter with Niko and two other children with Lashon Dixon.  


T.I reappear his first album in 2001 with the name "I'm serious". Note Arista is the people who release it. In 2003 he released his second album "Trap Muzik" and it went platinum. In November 2004, the third album "Urban Legend" came out. In 2006, the album "King" went multi-platinum. Another album he released is: "T.I. vs. t.i.p.". "Paper Trail", "No Mercy", "Masmal Man: Heavy is the head", "document". And he plans to release another album that will be called "The Dime Trap". He also issued a lot of different mixtapes.  

Net Worth

The net worth is estimated at more than $ 50 million. Because he is one of the most famous rapper in the world he has managed to accumulate good luck through his long and successful music career. He has released a number of albums and they all sold quite well, which made him a lot of money. Besides being a music artist, he also acted. Some works where he has a role is: 'Атl,' "then, '' аnt-Маn," and 'ноuе оf like.'

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