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Xatar net worth 2023



€ 10 million




December 24, 1981

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Short introduction

Xatar (main name: Giwar Hajabi, born on December 24, 1981 in Kuh-e Qala, Kurdistan Province, Iran) is a German rapper of Kurdish origin. The artist name “Xatar” means danger in Kurdish.

Early life

His dad is the music educator Eghbal Hajabi. In the mid 1980s, his folks escaped with him to local Iraq. Around then, the main Gulf War broke out between the two Middle East nations. After Saddam Hussein's system assaulted the Kurdish minority in Iraq, his folks were additionally tormented and confined. He was held close to Baghdad for a very long time.



Toward the finish of the nineties, Hajabi started rapping and delivering beats in the recording room of a young place under the nom de plume, the Kurdish expression for "risk". In 2007 he established the mark Alles or Nix Records, which marked a dispersion contract with Groove Attack. The principal specialists he marked were Samy and SSIO. His first collection, Alles oder nix, was delivered toward the finish of November 2008. Notwithstanding his name partners Samy and SSIO, other visitor commitments can be seen. In 2011, Alles or Nix Records marked the rapper Schwesta Ewa. He likewise dealt with his subsequent collection, played instrumental music in the nights and directed his verses on a transcription machine. He then, at that point, sent the tapes to his studio. Despite the fact that Hajabi was in the end trapped in isolation and kept, the collection was finished and enhanced by visitor commitments from rappers like Farid Bang, Nate57, Celo and Abdi, Capo and Eko Fresh and delivered on his name in April 2012. Collection No. 415, named after his detainee number, entered the German collection outlines at number 19. It arrived at number 23 in Switzerland and number 52 in Austria. Notwithstanding No. 415, Alles or Nix Records likewise distributed the collections Spezial Material and BB.UM.SS.N by SSIO, during Xatar's confinement. A month after its delivery, he delivered Schwesta Ewa's introduction collection Kurwa through his mark. Simultaneously he began the creation of his third collection, for which he was again ready to win various notable visitors. In May 2015, Baba of all Babas came out and arrived at number 1 in the German graphs. It arrived at number 3 in Austria and Switzerland. Around the same time, Xatar opened the hookah Bar Noon in Cologne along with SSIO along with SSIO and two different companions. On October 12, 2015, he distributed his collection of memoirs Alles oder Nix (The Everything or Nothing) at riva Verlag: We say the world is yours. Xatar introduced the book at the Frankfurt Book Fair and on TV. He additionally established Kopfticker Records, a second mark for rappers who are not reasonable for anything or nothing. The main craftsman was an or more creator with his collection reap.  

Career highlights

In mid 2016, Xatar showed up as a component of The Voice Of The Voiceless advantage crusade in the Columbia Hall in Berlin to fund a shelter in northern Iraq. In May 2016, Xatar and Haftbefehl declared their joint collection The Holland Job with a promoting effort as a component of the TV show Studio Amani. The Berlin name Four Music delivered it on August 12, 2016. The community collection was number 1 on the diagrams in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Xatar's introduction collection blamed him for imperiling youngsters. Everything or nothing has been on List An of the ordered media since February 26, 2010. Seven tunes were ordered by the Federal Office for Media Harmful to Young Persons as "unsafe to youngsters". The tunes appear "merciless" and summon "brutality". According to the Review Board's perspective, Xatar presents the "utilization of viciousness as deserving of impersonation". The main individual point of view gives it a "model person for youthful beneficiaries". The "somewhat distinct, halfway socially basic texts of different tunes can't make an overall setting that would be appropriate for taking up the file pertinent articulations and giving them an alternate importance."

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